Eagle Eye Drama, London (March-October 2021) 

After working on ‘Clown’ with Eagle Eye Drama in 2020, I returned as a team member for their Christmas 2021 project, an adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s short story ‘The Abominable Snowbaby’. I tackled several sequences throutout the film, but the majority of my shots were of the nervous young protagonist ‘Albert’. This project was a step up in ambition from ‘Clown’ and it was a great experience to work on this with the rest of the team, which expanded as the production went on to include more clean-up artists and colourists. I’ve included some of my favourite sequences I animated, below.

Animation and Clean-up of Albert, door and snow.

Animation and Clean-up.

Animation of Mr Tanwar, Albert and Snowbaby. Some Clean-up.

Animation of Albert and gosspiping ladies. 

Animation of crows, goat, Albert, and dog.

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